REGISTRATION: Non-Refundable Fee: $40            

45 Minute Class:     $60/per month    

1 Hour Class:     $65/per month                         

1.5 Hour Class:     $95/per month    

*Tuition is due September - June

*Stretch & Technique Class: $15 per class, can be paid on the day of class, and no costume fee. 


Preschool classes: $100 per class - $25 added to Oct, Nov, Dec, & Jan statements

K-12th classes: $130 per class - $26 added to Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb statements


Recital T-shirts: $20 payment added to April

Recital Tights & Trophy: $25 payment added to May

*Recital T-shirts are required for the Grand Finale 

*Ballet students will require an extra pair of tights

*Any additional tights $12


Student Teacher Discount

-Student teachers will receive $10 off per monthly tuition.

-Student teachers must be in 8th grade and up

-Student teachers must take at least 2 hours of classes per week to qualify and not be absent from a student teacher assignment more than twice a month

-Student teachers must agree on responsibilities

Family Discount

-$10 discount per month for two or more family members

-Two or more family members pay only one registration fee per family.

Extra Discounts

-Referring a new student to Gotta Dance- Take $10 off of 1 month tuition